Einstein Wins

Einstein: einstein

EINSTEIN WINS,NUTRINOS FAILS… body { background-color:silver; } p { color:green; text-align:left; font-size:15px; }

The controversy began last September , when OPERA team cautiously announced that sub- atomic particles called neutrinos had traveled some six kilometers (nearly four miles) per second faster than the velocity of light, described by Einstein as the maximum speed in the cosmos. When the OPERA team went publicwith their findings, they predictably unleashed a barrage of tough questions. Particles that travel faster than light would smash a hole in Albert Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity, a cornerstone of modern physics. In a new test, scientists have failed to replicate the OPERA experiment’s controversial superluminal neutrino findings .The original experiment has been a source of controversy and was ultimately determined to have likely been caused by a faulty cable leading researchers to believe neutrinos had traveled faster than light. Einstein can rest easy now… 😀 European researchers measured the speed of neutrinos and found the subatomic particles don’t travel faster than light Now you know the feeling of being a Genius. Hit like for Albert Einstein. Source: scientist rules mcn.

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