Akpors The No1 Stupid Person Now in Heaven


The most stupid person Akpos finally died and made it 2 heaven after all d rubbish things he did while on earth. Thank God for God. Akpos: Bros michael, wot is going on downstairs dat is causing all d noise? Angel michael: that is hell fire. Akpos: can I go and have a look? Angel michael: there is a problem,u can go but let me warn u dat heaven gatecloses @ 5pm. Hurry up and be back b4 5pm or we will not allow u to heaven again. Akpos went 2 hell and saw celebrities dat ever lived on earth clubbing n having fun. so Akpos came back by 4pm. Angel michael: nice 2 see u my son, u re truly a son of God.

Akpos: I come pack my things b4 u lock heaven


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