God works in a Mysterious Way

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A graduate has been seeking for job, for almost fifteen good years. No means to get money. Then one day he had only but one dollar with him, he entered in a restaurant and bought food with that money but before he will finished praying and start eating. Three people came in looking so skinny and hungry. They asked him for the food, he had compassion on them and gave them the food. They wanted to pray for him but he told them that they need the prayer more than him. He left them and when he was about to leave they gave him an old coin. He went and lay down under the bridge to sleep, he saw newspaper and picked it and when he was reading it, there was an adverts about an old coin that got lost in 1955. Anybody that brings it was to be payed billions of dollar. As soon as he saw it he checked the coin and it was the same. Then he rushed down to the address and they comfirmed it and issued him the cheque of billions of dollar. He rushed back to that resturant to see those three men but he didn’t see them. When he asked the waiters, they gave him a letter that the old men left behind and he opened it, and here is what it was written: This is the God of the father, the God of son and the God of the holyspirit. No man who praises God shall be left to suffer. Him, his son and grandson’s shall live happy under the umbrella of God. MORAL LESSON: Blessed is in the hands that give than the hands that recieve. Praise God and your life will change. “Like” or write,”AMEN” or share” if you want your life to change. GOD IS WATCHING


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