The Genius In You.

¤G’PIC Nugget¤

==Thousands of Geniuses live and die undiscovered….either by themselves or by others {Mark Twain}==

You are a Genius, if you don’t know it I have told you now, so the issue of not being discovered by others is already taken care of. I have discovered you!!!!
Now its your turn to discover yourself, look beyond your disability, your shortcomings etc, but concentrate more on your abilities, concentrate on those things you always do well in. Do not say that you do not have anything you do well in. No its in you and its God given and its called the”inate ability”, its in you right from birth. Everyone has his own area. Remember all the Geniuses you hear of are not in the same area, they are different people with different abilities same with you. Just look around you there are people that are so good in what they do that whenever you are looking for such services people will always direct you to that person.
Have you not heard of such expressions like”if your car reaches that mechanic workshop and doesn’t come out good, then forget about it and buy a new one”. The reason is that the person working there is so good at what he does that people have discovered his inate ability in fixing things. Discover your inate ability, discover your talent, discover your self. I dont know what that is, all i know is that”You are a Genius”.
And you are in Genius Palace, lets help you discover it.
. . .mcn


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