The Words of My Father.

And the hour was 3.30am and I heard a voice in my head, and I woke up praying. I was praying in my dream and on waking up I continued praying. Surprised at such behaviour I listened to my heart and I heard a voice saying.
“My child do you love me?” and I said “Father, yes I love you very much.” Then he said to me. “Why have you been quite all this while, why have you not spoken a word about me”. And I replied “Father I do want to but sometimes I am confused. Other times I am guilty of what I condemn and I do not want to lead by bad example. But most times am sad for not many listen to me for they are guilty and they do not love the ‘truth’ but prefers lies. Help me Father that I might be stronger. “My child” he said. Do you not know that the hour is short and all these excuses are the manipulations of the evil one. Do not yield to them. My child do not wait till you are influential and command respect before you speak up. Have you forgotten that I made a fisherman the first Pope. Look at all my prophets in the eyes of men they are worthless but in the eyes of God they are worthy. I made a humble women my mother never Herod’s daughter. My father was a carpenter not a King. Son have you forgotten my words in the scripture “learn from me for I am meek and humble”. Since you are a devotee to my Sacred Heart you should know the type of heart that I desire. So many are waiting for your words for they are confused, if you do not speak up they will be lost.

My Child if you wish to help me, put on the garment of Humility and Love and I will use you to admonish my lost children. “My Lord and My God by your grace I will do as you wish.”
My child why are your sisters causing me so much pain. Why do they rejoice in disobeying my commandments and at the same time claim to love me. Why are they abusing my graces. I came that they may have life but they prefer death.
‘Daddy am lost I do not understand’, I said. Look Child your sisters are moving about naked. They are now sources of temptation to their brothers. They hear my words everyday but they have hardened their hearts and refused to change. Tell your sisters to clothe themselves with Purity, Modesty and Chastity. May they not expose their bodies again. Look my Child even my little children have joined them. Tell your sisters to stop exposing their breasts and cleavages for any who does that is following the script written by the evil one. May those who love me heed my call. Behold for the evil one knows how the human mind works and he is manipulating it. Behold for the evil one have told your sisters to expose parts of their breasts and laps as a means of showing their feminity. Tell them to stop. ‘My child do you not see it.’ ‘I do, Father’ I replied. I have tried in vain to explain why but I couldn’t and its fast spreading and I seem helpless here.’ My child They have given in to worldly fashion. Tell them to return to me for I am ever waiting for their return. The evil one encourages them to expose parts of their body that should be covered in order to make their brothers fall. They accuse their brothers of not controling their eyes and mind. I have created male and female differently for thus a man should be attracted to a woman. And a woman to a man. But when one makes it difficult for the other to be chaste and pure he or she blames the other for his or her weakness. My child inform your sisters that when they go about immodestly they become walking temptation. Their brothers on seeing them struggles not to look and think lustly. Some fight this temptation whereas some rejoices in it and encourages their sisters to keep it up. Those who rejoice in it gain immoral pleasure from it but soon they will rejoice no more. Those brothers who struggle not to look and fight impure thoughts from such sights will be depressed and saddened because of their weakness but soon they will rejoice. Your sisters have forgotten my words, ““There will always be temptations to sin, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting! It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin. So watch yourselves!” And your brothers too have forgotten my words, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
Sometimes they hear it but they do not understand it for their hearts are so far away from me. They are among those seeds that fell on the road path and thorns and failed to germinate. Tell your sisters that when they dress indecently and push their brothers to commit sin they are also guilty of it, and will suffer terribly. And your brothers they should never look at their sisters lustfully or have impure thoughts about their sisters, for whoever does that will suffer eternal fire.
My Child fight not my inspirations and may all who abide with me be blessed. Amen.



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