Victim Of Love

Victim of Love

Long time ago before all the waters flowed into the seas and oceans. And before the land came together and became earth and the clouds rose up and became the roof and walls, with the earth being the floor.

There lives a Great Being in a great place, far away that the distance cannot be measured. This being is three but one. So great the greatness cannot be quantified. So complex the complexity cannot be comprehended. So powerful his powers cannot be curtailed. This being is a potter. And the Being is a King forever

And then a day came this great potter decided to make a great clay pot. A clay pot that has never been thought of, never been heard of, and never been seen. A living clay pot.

The potter entered his pottery and made this great clay pot and placed this great pot in a great habitat. And the Great being looked at his great works and saw that it was good and beautiful. And the potter was happy with his works.

In the middle of the great clay pot great habitat was a deadly fire. A fire so deadly it burns without fuel. So deadly it burns without contact. And the great clay pot was instructed by the Great Being who created the great clay pot never to go near the deadly fire in the middle of the great habitat, which burns without contact.

And one day this great clay pot disobeyed and went near the deadly fire in the middle of the great habitat. And the deadly fire burnt him and gave him great burns. The pain was so great it made it cry out for help. And the great clay pot lost its goodness and beauty and became dark and ugly because of the great burns it received from the deadly fire.

Out of love and mercy the Great Being decided to salvage his great works. Out of the three persons in one, of the Great Being, one who is called the Son became a living clay pot. This was inorder to remove the great burns that causes the great pain which makes them dark and ugly.

But when the Son of the Great Being came they did not recognize him, rather they killed him. They flogged, mocked and rejected him up to the point he had to cry out to his Father. In their darkness and ugliness, they crucified him like a thief and he died like a thief. But by so doing he removed the great burns that causes the great pain that makes them dark and ugly.

And later The Son resurrected and went back to the Father. This was inorder to come back again to take the clay pots that believe in him as the First Son of the Father to His Palace to reign with him as Kings.

And we learnt from his witnesses that He is on his way coming. He is approaching faster than the day we first heard the message. The witnesses told us He came with Love and Mercy inorder to Save at the first coming but this second coming He will come with Justice inorder to Judge.

The witnesses said those who believe will live forever but those who do not believe will die. They will be thrown into a lake of fire to be burnt forever. They will burn forever while the believers will live forever in the Palace of the Great Being.

And the Son of the Great Being said he loves us that’s why he died that we may live, by his stripes we are healed

And he said to us: “Do you love Me” and we replied him: “Yes we love You”. And he said to us again: ” If you love Me, keep my commandments so that you may have life, and have it in abundance.

Do you know this story? Yes it is that same story we all know. The story about Jesus Christ. It is not a story but a Revelation. The Revelation about Jesus Christ. The Great Being who Is the Potter is God, and His Son is Jesus Christ, and we are the clay pots.

And this message is from us to us. And the message is that we should love Christ and keep His commandments by being pure just as He is pure. That we all should flee from that which leads most people to eternal damnation, and we know it by His Divine Revelation to be “Sexual Immorality”.

That we should flee from fornication (sex between unmarried persons), adultery, indecent exposure of our breasts in the name of fashion and style, the killing of our babies (abortion), and impure sexual fantasies and acts(pornography, homosexuality) and the rest of it.

And the Witnesses before us said “we should stop if we have started, and should never start if we have not”. For their is no life in it. Only an ephemeral pleasure that takes away our eternal treasure and gives us eternal pleasure in hell fire.

This is Chastity Guide, and this is the message we proclaim, “He is coming this Christmas, Get Ready”!

“And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. And, behold I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I Jesus have sent my Angel to testify unto you these things in the churches (Rev.2:21, 22:12,16)”. Maranatha


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