Beautifully Made

Beautifully Made

God actually created women to be beautiful right from time. The creator took greater care in creating women and moulding them into what they are now. Nothing on earth can be compared to the beauty of a woman, kudos to our mothers, sisters and wives. Women take greater care in maintaining their beauty than men because naturally that is how they are created. A women can go hungary just to acquire a piece of jewellery. Umpteen times men wonder where all the money a woman earns goes into. But if one should take a cursory look on women one would see where the money actually went into.

But do you know this beauty can be used to glorify God the creator? And also do you know that it can also be used to hurt God the creator? Now you know.

Are you a woman are you using your beauty to glorify God or to hurt him? Look at yourself and then provide the answer. If your answer is yes then God bless you. If no, then God bless you too so that you might repent and follow the right road. Do you know Judith? Judith was a very beautiful woman who used her beauty to defeat Holofernes King Nebuchadnezzar’s army commander and gave the Jewish people victory.

If you are a woman and you do wear revealing clothes that expose any part of your breast or your cleavages. Know it today that you are hurting God with your beauty. And it is not fair, it is not. He made you who you are and endowed you with beauty and yet you use this beauty and endowment to hurt him. It is wickedness, it is the most ungrateful attitude to your creator.

Please as a Christian woman, if you accept that title, cover your breasts and cleavages. Cover the V shape in between your breasts. Am being specific so that you might know whether you are guilty or not. God once regreted creating humans don’t make him regret ever creating you to be this beautiful, to be a woman. It is not fair.

Do you know the enemy of God? Yes, he is the devil, lucifer and all his agents. Whenever you expose any part of your breasts you are glorifing him and hurting God.

Women you are beautifully made don’t allow the devil to use this your endowment against you. Exposing your breasts or cleavages is not being fashionable but satanic. Yes accept it or leave it that is the truth. There are so many demons manipulating the world but the ones manipulating the fashion world are too many that I refer to them as legion. What would inspire a designer to design a dress that exposes a woman’s body. Is it not the devil. What also would make a women desire this type of attire. It is the same evil spirit, I don’t know their names but one day they will be exposed. You might think you are in control of yourself, but the truth is that you are not. The demonic spirit is controlling your own spirit and then you do what he tells you.

Am not against being fashionable or presentable or “packaging yourself”. But what am against is when your fashion or packaging doesn’t glorify God but instead the devil. Exposing any part of your breast all in the name of fashion and packaging is sinful. Hard and hurtful as the truth might be we must keep saying it. The devil is the chief of all liers and he will keep telling you to disregard this message. Don’t do so.

Am saying all these because of these observations: 1. This indecent exposure of our breasts has infestated even the elect. Hard as it sounds. People that should be able to discern can’t even discern again which fashion is good for a believer. People now go to Church dressed as if they going for a night party.

2. It has also infested the common man. Go out now and look at your sisters outside and confirm it. A young women that finds it hard to feed herself the little she gets she spends it on worldly fashions. Gone are the days when this menace of indecent exposure of the body is for celebrities and highly placed and learned individuals. Now it is not so as both the rich and the poor are competing on who will expose more, who will be more indecently dressed than the other. Pathetic! Devilish competition. We are in serious trouble.

3. And another being that the society seems to be equating immodesty with civilization, prosperity, learning. Which is wrong. Immodesty is not a sign of Civilization, prosperity or learning. Thats why it is more pronounced among the ones who take themselves as civilized, learned, rich, celeb, etc. So once your status and position rises your level of modesty decreases. And this so so wrong! The message is not new, it is that same message but it is the truth and only it saves.

“Either we must speak as we dress, or dress as we speak. Why do we profess one thing and display another? The tongue talks of chastity, but the whole body reveals impurity.” __ Saint Jerome.

Remain Blessed.

Chastity Guide_ “Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8). ¤ .mcn<3.


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