When Nike got married to Mike everyone was happy for her. Nike has always been faithful and devoted to God. She was the service driven type of person as she doesn’t miss any opportunity to render services to the church and to her community. Her voice she uses to render wonderful readings as a lay reader and praises as a chorister. Organizing and teaching Sunday school kids, she is there.

However, 6 years after she got married Nike could not conceive. Pressure began to mount from all angles and soon her husband became abusive and turned her into a punching bag. When things fall apart you find out that the center can no longer hold. Divorce is not in the Catholic Church dictionary so they had to be separated, to save Nike from the horrible abuse. Mike out of frustration decided to leave the country entirely together with some of his friends but was duped by the visa agent whom he contacted. They were issued with fake visas, immediately they touched down in Europe they were arrested and detained. Nike who was now with her parents couldn’t stand the shame of her present condition, she locked herself up in her room and refused interacting with anyone. In her grief and pain she cried out in a loud voice to God and prayed thus;

“God where are you? My tears are my food day and night. People ask me all day long, “Where is your God?”(Psalm 42) “

Have you ever been in a situation where people ask you “where is your God”? Have you ever been in a situation where it seems the evil ones are succeeding while you who are trying to keep the commandment of the Lord are not? Why does it seem that the unrighteous ones progress while the righteous do not?

“Oh my enemies do not laugh at me, although I’ve fallen, I will get up. Although I sit in the dark, the LORD is my light. . (Micah 7:8)”

A friend, Kezie, later helped Mike. He chided him for abandoning his wife at such trying times. Mike was sorry for his misdeeds and confessed that it was out of frustration. Both then returned to Nigeria to look for Nike. Meanwhile Nike fell seriously sick due to the pain she had subjected herself to, out of frustration. Immediately Mike returned and found out what was happening, he rushed her to the best hospital in the country and pleaded on the doctors to please save his dear wife’s life. Mike went on a week-long fasting and praying, for God to forgive him and heal his wife.

God in his infinite mercy heard him and decided to change their sorrow into joy. Nike was healed and her health restored.
Doctor Gabriel invited Mike to his office and informed him of the good news.
“Mike”, he said.
“I am happy to inform you that your wife has not only recovered miraculously from the ailment but she is also 3 months pregnant. Congrats, dear!”

And you, yes you, the time has come for people to change from asking you where is your God to please tell me more about your God. Your time of lifting up has come. Believe and receive.

Remain Blessed in Jesus name.


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