Contrary to what we usually assume

happened, the Virgin Mary and the

unborn king were not rejected at the inn

rather there was no space for them. *

Due to the population of people who

came for the census and had to lodge at

the few available inn, Joseph and Mary

had to find an alternative.

* When it's time for you to manifest no one

can stop that. When it was time for Mary

to give birth to Jesus, nothing could stop

it. No one can stop your destiny from

being fulfiled.

As you seek for employment and the company says there is no vacancy, don't

feel rejected. You were not rejected,

rather it shows that, that is not where you

are meant “to be born”. That particular

moment may not be your moment of

breakthrough. Maybe its time for you to find your manger. An

insignificant little

begining that will eventually rise to great



What is it that you are seeking that you

have been told there is no space for you (admission, job), be of good cheer you

were not rejected.




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