WHERE LOVE EXISTS, obedience exists


obedience exists


No child can rightful claim to love his

father when he always disobeys his word.

To such a person there is no love in him. ¤

No wife can claim to love her husband

when she never obeys him, always ready

to disobey his words and to argue and

fight. The love in her is selfish and is no

true love. ¤

No believer can lay claim to loving God

with all his heart, when he does not obey

his words. Your love is perfected when

you obey God to the least of his

commandments, if there is such thing as the least.


“All those who obey his word are people

whose love for God has really been made

perfect” (1Jn 2:5).

¤ Perfect love for God always comes with a

tag called OBEDIENCE.


Because his love for his Father was

perfect Christ Jesus was obedient to his

Father, and he was obedient unto death. All he ever wanted was to do the will of

his Father, carrying out all his work with

joy, working as his Father was working.


As his followers, we should have the

same attitude. mcn


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