There are so many things in this world

that our heart desires. When we pray we

ask God to grant us our heart desires.

Some of our desires may actually not be in harmony with the word of God.


When we love the world, our heart

desires are always things of the world. In

this merry making season some persons

desires are worldly and carnal. One who desires to drink till he gets

drunk, or to

hook up with as many sexual partners as

possible is in love with the world. Any

who defrauds or steals in other to make

quick cash and rush home to the village

to show off his ill gotten wealth is in love with the world.


“the love of the Father cannot be in any

man who loves the world, because

nothing the world has to offer the

sensual body, lustful eye, pride in possessions could ever come from the

Father, (1John 2:16)


Listen “anything you cannot ask God for

is not of God, anything you cannot pray

for is not of the true Spirit of God. “. *

What do you love or desire can you pray

for it


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