Nothing is ever gonna move so far you are still in the same place you

were before. You need to take a bold step, step out and do something.

Not just anything but something worthwhile something small,

insignificant but profitable.


This is a new and fresh year, you may have made new year resolutions

but nothing is ever gonna change if you do not take the bold step of

changing your mindset. For greater things to happen in your life you

have take the bold step of sacrifices. You must be ready to make

sacrifices. You will need to let go of so many things that are

weighing you down. No matter how beautiful and shining it might look

at the surface. Your destiny is greater and your call much more

important than any temporal pleasure.


When sin pulls you down, dear take a bold step of repentance, return

to God in confession. Remember the prodigal son, God is eagerly

waiting for your return.


In order to unleash the genius in you, you must imbibe the habit of

taking bold steps!




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