Always Pour it all out in Prayer.

Always Pour it Out in Prayer!


How do you respond to pain and unpleasant situation in your life? Do

you channel your pain at people?


Never again do it

Pour out your grief and pain in prayer. Don't give in to frustration

and despair, don't pour out your frustration on people. Let your pain

not push you away from people. Don't blame anybody for your situation.


Heartfelt prayers, prayers from the depth of your heart moves God to

action. Turn your frustration and anguish into tears and supplication

and lay it before the Lord.


Christ Jesus was once weighed down by the prevailing situation, he was

afraid and felt like going back but He didn't. He rather knelt down

poured out his heart to his Father in prayers, and his Father heard

him and gave him the strength and courage to continue his mission.


You will get strength and courage when you pour it out to the Lord as

it is in your heart. Your heartfelt prayers will be answered AMEN!


In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the LORD(1Sam 1:10)


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