Let Your Faith Change Your Mood and Attitude

Let Your Faith Change Your Mood and Attitude


This too shall not last. You shall not continue to cry over this same

issue again and again. After you must have prayed over and about it,

it's time to change your mood and attitude.


Hannah after pouring out her pains and frustrations in prayers to the

Lord in Shilloh did the next thing that God expects of you.


… She returned to the hall and ate and was dejected no longer. (1Sam 1:18)


You too have prayed, now get up and be downcast no more. God has heard

your prayers & HE IS sending you your own Samuel (the answer to your

prayers). Now smile & be happy, let your faith dictate your mood not

your situation dictating it. May your suffering not dictate your mood

anymore, from today onwards you shall be happy. Your faith shall put

back smiles on your face again. From today smilling & laughing is your



Your shall live by faith not by sight. Don't give in to those

discouraging voices in your heard, it's from the devil. Now Listen to

the HolySpirit.



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