Sometimes we have this inclination to write someone off, this is

coming from our belief that we already know his end from his present.


But the events of life have continued to prove us wrong in this

belief. The one person you dismissed as a sinnner that will never see

the gates of heaven may just one day become a saint. Paul was once a

persecutor but later became one of the persecuted.


Don't despise anyone because you think you are better than him. Don't

despise anyone because of his social status. One who is poor today may

become rich tomorrow and vice versa. Don't despise anyone because of

his spiritual status. A sinner today, a saint tomorrow. Becareful the

first might actually become the last and the last the first.


That you are rich today doesn't mean you should look down on the poor

as people who are not hardworking. That you are married is not a

licence to look down on the singles.


And you do not despise your little beginning, your day of abundance is coming.

Smile dear




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