Your Love Will Bring You Joy

Your Love will Bring You Joy.


Joy is what you desire and joy is what you will get. People chase

after money with all their might because they feel money will make

them happy and fulfilled. But does it work that way? Are the richest

people the happiest people?


Do you truly desire that joy and happiness that is independent of who

and what you are or what you have?


This unwavering joy doesn't comes from money or position. It comes

from love. Love is the only thing that will give you joy that is

everlasting and unshakeable.


Love yourself,

love whatever that makes you who you are. Love your weakness and

strengths they make up your being.

Love your life,

Love your family,

Love your friends,

Love your spouse, your soulmate,

Love your enemies human beings I mean but hate satan, it's permitted,

Love your job,

Love your country,

Just love,


And above all love God,

The scripture says God is love,

Love God with all your heart and watch joy flow from your soul. Love

of God brings joy of God.



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