Life can be difficult and confusing at

times. There will always be those

moments you will be struggling to figure

out your life and what it really means. :

But then, my dear in all those trying

moments, choose to live! Choose life!


Depression, frustration, confusion,

rejection all are pulling on you, weighing you down. Emotionally you

are unstable,

psychologically you are wavering, it

seems the whole world and life itself is

meaniless and without purpose.


Thoughts of suicide might be filtering in, thoughts of running away to

a far away

land and start life all over again might be



Quiting this life seems to be the best and

only option you have. But dear it's not true! Never have been!


Please Don't think of suicide! Don't let

depression kill you! FIGHT TO LIVE! Don't

run away we need you!

: Take up the life challenge.


Don't quit, believe me it will soon pass.

Infact I prophesy to you that you will

overcome this and be abundantly

blessed, in Jesus name. Amen Now smile, ok?



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