CHOOSE TO BE VIOLENT, Wage war against your enemies!


Declare War On Your Enemies!


SATAN is your number one enemy. Him and his fellow demons are out to

pull you down. To make sure that your life on earth is unbearable. And

not only that, he also wishes to deny you your inheritance in heaven!


If only you know how many blessings of the Lord, the devil has denied

you because of your sins, you will never sin again.


Just because he deceived Eve and she ate the forbidden fruit man has

not had it easy since then. Just because of one sin, Christ came to

earth suffered and died for us.


Some of the afflictions, failures, sickness, disappointment we

experience on earth are all from him.


Therefore my dear friend today choose to be violent, declare war on

satan your enemy.


You can not be dining with your enemy the devil.

When you continue to live in sin, you are feasting with him.


Today Say

“satan I reject your invitation to sin,

I am your arch enemy,

I have choosen to be God's ambassador on earth.

I am pursuing heaven!




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