February For Favour, Happy New Month.

February For Favour,


This new month shall be a month of

favour for you.

May the Lord Almighty bless you and

raise you to a new height. May He turn your story around for good.

May He restore all that you lost in


May He give you the grace to grow

spiritually & physically,

May the Holy Spirit strengthen your spirit and give you the grace of holiness,


Goodness & mercy shall follow you,

Breakthroughs & deliverance will be your


Your love, faith and hope shall rise from glory to glory,


In your business you shall be favoured,

In your work you shall be favoured,

In your studies you shall be favoured,

In all your life endeavours you shall be favoured.


Favour has found your family,

Favour has found your children,

Favour has found your parents,

Favour has found your spouse, Favour has found your sibblings,

Favour has found your friends,

Favour has found you!


May the Lord Almighty make this new

month of February an exciting one for you through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Now Smile 4 JESUS



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