12 Steps to Achieving your Dreams.

12 Steps to Achieving your Dreams.


If you don't have a dream you will be living a life without purpose

and that's not the will of God.


To help you achieve your dreams, your life goals, follow these simple steps.



Your destiny is not actually what you want to do but what God wants

you to do on this earth. God created you and have destined you to

achieve something on earth. You need him to find out what it is and

also to achieve it.

For you to be able to hold God perfectly, do this,

Be a Prayerful person,

Be a Person of the Spirit,

Be Holy,



Yes believe,

Believe in yourself, believe you can do it, believe you have all it

takes to be that which you wish to be.

Believe in your dream, believe it's possible, believe it's achievable,

believe it's your destiny to go for it.

Believe in your God, believe that he created you for a reason, believe

that he will show you the right path to your destiny, believe that God

is in charge of your life.


To be continued,

Smile for Jesus,



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