MODESTY: How to Know if You are Indecently Dressed.

MODESTY: How to Know if you are Indecently Dressed.


Modesty is an attitude, an authetic Christian knows that he or she is

an ambassador of Christ. This means that he or she should represent

Christ in all things, dressing inclusive. Many worldly fashion have

arisen. What some foreign celebraties especially ladies do is to

compete on the ground of who will be more naked that the other!


And you child of God should desist from indecent exposure. Read and

correct yourself.


(1) If your cleavage, that is the v shape on your chest is exposed, it

is unchristian and ungodly. Some dresses are designed that way, but

You can remedy this by wearing an underwear that covers it up!

(2)If you are a man and you fix hair, piece your ear like women, and

do all sorts of feminine things. You are a man not a woman. Barbers

shall eat, go and have a hair cut. Musicians beware!

(3) If you do wear see through dresses, miniskirts, bump shorts, Stop!

your body, your thighs are private not public properties!

To be continued,



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