Fwd: Focus,



Are you familliar with the travails of the Nigerian Dream team at this

year's Olympic Game in Rio? If you are not, make sure you go and find

out more about them. I want to bring out a quality we all need in our

lives from this team and that quality is “FOCUS”.


At first they did not receive the needed support and encouragement

from those incharge of their welfare.

That notwithstandingdid not not stop them from giving undivided

attention and dedication to their mission in Rio. Now that they are

making progress everyone has become their friend and supporter.


Focus even when people do not give you the needed support,

Focus even when people do not believe you are good at what you know

you are good at,

Focus even when you are not getting the best of results,


Focus on your plans,

Focus on your dreams,

Focus on your business,

Focus on your career,

Focus on your education,


Engrave this sentence in your mind.

“I will remain focused no matter what”


Remain blessed,


Inspirational Tuesday, (IT)




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