Winning Women, Inspiring Women.

Winning Women,

Inspiring Women,


Empowered to empower,

Inspired to inspire,

Enlightened to enlighten,


These women changed the world, and you what are you “as a winning

women” doing to be of value to the society, to your immediate

environment, to your country.


Don't you know that without women this world will be incomplete. If

all that lived were men then the world will be in darkness. Women have

light in them that lights the world.


The creator has gifted women with enormous power if used positively

will change lives, influence lives, bring smiles to sad faces.

Remember the word is “positive” for some women use this power

negatively and mislead people. Be a positive influence. Be an

Inspiring Women.


World Most Influential Women,

(1) Florence Nightingale 1820 – 1910

Pioneer of Modern Nursing.


Florence Nightingale went to the Crimean War to nurse wounded

soldiers. She and her nurses saved many lives.


Florence Nightingale made hospitals cleaner places. She showed that

trained nurses and clean hospitals helped sick people get better. She

was the founder of modern nursing.


Florence's father was William Nightingale, a rich banker. Florence was

born in Italy on 12th May. She was named after the city of Florence.


In Victorian Britain, poor women worked as servants or in factories.

Rich girls like Florence were expected to marry and look after a home,

perhaps doing charity work.


Florence was very religious. From the age of 16 she believed God

wanted her to do important work. When she was 22, a young writer asked

her to marry him. After seven years making up her mind, Florence said



Florence could go to parties. She could travel. In 1849 she visited

Egypt. But she did not want a life of leisure. She wanted to be a



When Florence told her parents, they were shocked. Hospitals at this

time were dirty and horrible. Doctors did operations with no

anaesthetic. Most people who went into hospital died. Florence could

not possibly work as a nurse.


Nurses were not respectable or trained.

Florence's parents sent her to Italy, to forget about nursing. She met

a young Englishman, Sidney Herbert, and he told her rich people should

help the poor. Florence came home determined to be a nurse.


In 1851, Florence went to Germany, to a Christian nursing school for

women. She learned nursing for three months. It was hard work, but she

loved it.


Then Crimea war broke out Florence and 38 nurses arrived in Turkey in

November 1854. At first the Army doctors wanted nothing to do with

her. Florence would not go away. So the doctors let the nurses into

the Army hospital at Scutari. Florence got busy cleaning up.


The hospital was overcrowded and filthy. There were not enough beds,

so men lay on the floor. They were not washed. There were no proper

toilets. Drains were blocked. Rats ran everywhere. The smell was



The patients ate bread that was mouldy-green, and meat 'more like

leather', Florence said. Without good food, sick men could not get

better. Without clean bandages, clean beds and clean water, many died

from diseases.


Florence worked 20 hours a day. She went to the town to buy fresh

food. She started clean kitchens, and a French chef named Alexis Soyer

came to cook better meals. She paid workmen to clear the drains. Soon

the hospital was cleaner, and fewer men were dying.


At night Florence walked around the wards, to make sure the men were

comfortable. She sat with dying soldiers. She wrote letters home for

men who could not write. She carried a lantern, so the soldiers called

her 'The Lady with the Lamp'.


International Nurses Day is celebrated on her birthday each year.


Dear Lady, be inspired by this inspiring woman.

Remain Blessed,


Wednesday for all Winning Women (WWW).


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