We Serve not Mammons (Amos 8:4-7)

We Serve not Mammons (Amos 8:4-7).


Money is good, money answereth all

things. Money puts food on the table of

the poor. There is absolutely nothing

wrong with money. It is not a sin to be rich.


What then is the problem? Simple

answer, we are the problem. We are

misusing money, abusing money.

To desire to have money is not a bad thing but to desire to have money at all

cost is bad. To love money more than life,

more than God, more than your soul,

more than your fellow human is bad.


Some employers subject their workers to the worst treatment all in the name of

making profits. A very popular company

in Lagos Nigeria employs only casual

workers and these workers are often

maltreated with little pay.

: Cases of child labour, forced labour in

many countries are very common.

Acquiring money at the detriment of



Today God is warning all those who trample on others to make money to


You cannot serve both God and money at

the same time.


Remain blessed. mcn

Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SMS).


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