Supportive Women, Winning Women.

Supportive Women,

Inspiring Women,


There is a popular saying that behind every successful man there is a woman.

Do you believe it? How true is this?


Yes I believe it and it is true. There is a burst of energy and

confidence that comes to a man when his woman is standing behind him.

Most successful men today stand because a supportive woman is standing

behind them.


Then the LordGod said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will

make a helper who is just right for him (Gen 1:18).

Something was lacking in Adam's life and the only person that could

solve it was Eve. Eve was to be Adam's strength, a role only she can



It then goes out to all the women in the world that the world needs

them to be themselves, a woman.

This is very clear in the life of my mentor Dr Ben Carson. A renowned

America Neurosurgeon, Dr Ben has been a mentor to many people across

the world. But do you know that Ben's life will be incomplete without

two women in his life, His mother Sonya and his wife Candy. With this

family in view I want to encourage every woman out there to be that

supportive woman in her family.


Ben's mum Sonya defied all odds to make sure that her two sons Ben and

Curtis went to school even though she was a poor single mum and

uneducated. A kid who once believed he is a dullard (in my dialect we

call such people itiboribo) overcame that with the help of his mum and

went on to be the best (and thats exactly what we do in Genius Palace,

helping you be the best you were meant to be). From Dullard to genius,

all thanks to a supportive mum. Are you a mum or a potential mum never

you write off any of your child. Now Ben is a Doctor and Curtis an



Ben met his wife Candy when they were in med school. Candy on her own

has a degree in Psychology/Music also she is a masters degree holder

in Business Administration. Candy together with her husband Ben

founded the Carson Scholars Fund to help smart students.

In her book (A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE: My life with Ben Carson)she recalls

Being the wife of a renowned neurosurgeon is not easy: she used to

bring him dinner at 2 a.m. during his residency, moved to Australia

while five months pregnant so Ben could start another job, and jokes

that she often has to say things three times to make sure he's

listening. Candy recounts being alone so much that the Church she

attended wondered if she was making her husband up (and the pastor

actually went to check that Dr. Carson existed to make sure she wasn't

unstable.) During his campaign for America's Presidency, Candy was

with him.

And Dr Ben never ceases to tell the whole world how wonderful his wife

is. And why wouldn't he, Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price

is far above rubies (Prov 31:10). He has found one and should be

grateful. They have 3 children togther, all boys.


Candy together with her mother-in-law Sonya has provided my mentor Dr

Ben Carson a platform for successs. Such is the power of women.


But do you know that There is a movement of women who think that men

are their enemies or are out to trample on them. Some of these women

term themselves feminist (which is negative feminism anyway) and they

find it hard to marry because they can't be under a man. And even if

they eventually marry divorce follows immediatly because they can

never be second in command. Some highly placed women find humility

hard to acquire.


Are you a woman that wishes to be the best don't follow such negative

trend. Know you that you are not moving into marriage to fight it out

with your husband rather your moving into it to live “happily forever

after” and to train the children God will bless you with. Humility is

not timidity or slavery, it is happiness.


Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies (Prov 31:10).


Supportive women are winning Women,

Be inspired today,

Remain Blessed.


Wednesday for all Winning Women (WWW)


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