Youth, Go!

Serving the Lord in Your Morning Days,


Do you know that in some western countries the majority of people that

attend church are the old men and women. Hardly do you see the youth.

What then do you think is the future of the church is those countries?


Today is a new day, the morning of a Saturday. Now is the time to plan

your day and do the most needful. You still have enough energy to

carry out today's activities.


Your youth is your morning, that is when you are fresh and agile, full

of energy and ideas. This period is a wonderful period.


This morning I want to encourage all the youth to use this period to

serve the Lord. Do not imitate some of the western countries where the

youth have negleted God, and have left the worship of God to their

grandma's and grandpa's.


Use your youthful energy and zeal to propagate the kingdom of God. The

Lord's needs your energy and ideas. You have alot in you!


Be inspired today use this period to serve him.


Remain blessed,


Saturday Morning Sunshine (SMS)


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