Stop Abortion

I used to think abortion is a foreign concept, something not synonymous with Nigeria.
But how wrong was I, abortion is common in Nigeria the way Pre-marital sex is.
I always thought it s developed countries that carryout abortion especially those countries where it is legalized. Little did I know that my dear country Nigeria is also guilty.
It was not until I started to hear stories of abortions in radio and television shows and newspapers, did I wake up to the reality.
Only when I heard things like “Aunty Vanessa, I have dated this guy for like 7 years now and I have had close to 10 abortions for him and now he wants to dump me, what should I do?”, did I accept its no foreign news.
Back then teenage girls most especially secondary school pupils, who unfortunately gets impregnated by their boyfriend are forced to carry the pregnancy to full term. Most times it hampers their education as their parents leave them to their fate.
In order not to face the social stigmatization that follows such events, the young girl in question stays indoors or travels far away from home till she delivers her baby. But What follows after such birth is always horrible. Most times the young girl throws her baby into the toilet or dumps the baby in any ESWAMA dustbins around. This is done in order to get back to the society and avoid the shame and stress of nursing a baby.
But then what more can I say, that was the 19th century way of getting rid of unwanted babies. A modern, less stressful and a secret way of doing it has emerged. This method doesn’t require carrying the pregnancy to full term, nor does it require change of location and “Aestivation”.
This is the method called “Abortion” or “Modern Flushing”. With this method you flush a baby before delivery unlike before when the flushing is done after delivery. In ancient method you do it all by yourself but in this modern method a highly qualified doctor assists you. You no longer worry about getting caught by ESWAMA officials on your way to getting rid of your baby, be calm the law protects you. Don’t worry about the cost the government and kind hearted individuals have provided cheap abortionaries. Remember your parents or friends wont know, it’s a secret between you and your doctor. No labour pains, its just a matter of minutes and you are free to go. Is it not better?
Nonsense! And with this method we kill thousands of babies every day all around the globe. With this method we encourage sexual immorality. With this method we reduce human life to a mere tissue paper. With this method we flush down Geniuses and potential world changers. We this method we slap God right in the face. We this method we become murderers and killers. We this method we are on the path to eternal damnation.
And in a planet where sexual immorality is promoted what more do you expect. It only helps to promote pre-marital sex, prostitution and unfaithfulness by couples. A planet where Pre-marital is not bad, insofar you are 18 and above you are as free as the birds of the air. Remember its natural there is nothing you can do about it. lies! Who told you. It only has to be consensual and between two “mature” adults,’ mature indeed, nonsense’. A place where there is a term called “safe sex” but I call it “safe fornication ” and “safe cheating”. Use ” condom” (another tool by the devil) for protection against STD’s and unwanted pregnancy. And if it fails since its not 100% safe try the next method “Abortion”, and if abortion fails, no need you are dead already, another lost soul.
Married couples can cheat and go Scot free because there is “condom protection” and “Abortion “.
“Kill not the fragile insect” ; remember there is God oooh!
This post was first published on June 17th 2014, and was reposted today so as to inspire you to say no to abortion and pre-marital sex .
Remain blessed
I love you.
.mcn .
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