Emotional Abuse

Rise up! You are emotionally abused.
You are as a person is unique and irreplaceable. You are the apple of God’s eyes. This goes out to those who are feeling less than themselves. Those who are feeling unloved, unwanted, those who are feeling that they don’t just fit in.
Emotional abuse is very bad. It reduces a champion into a failure. Some persons are in a emotionally abusive relationship and they don’t even know. Some are emotionally abused in their offices and places of work by either their colleague or superiors. Some persons that are serving people are always emotional abused by their master. In happens in the family too, parents can also subject their children to emotional abuse.
Tonight my candid advise to you is to rise up. Rise up. You are abused. Something is wrong it’s not normal. You are not a bad person! You are not dumb, nothing is wrong with you.
My interaction with a lady is what led me to write this. When she told all that has been happening between her and her fiance I quickly identified it as emotional abuse. This lady’s confidence and self-esteem has gone down so low you just have to pity her.
If you are in relationship your spouse should be your number one defender. This specially goes out to those who are courting, discerning marriage. Your weakness he or she should protect and help you out and not announcing it to the whole world or constantly using it against you. He or she should be the chief promoter of your dreams, the chief celebrant of your accomplishments. Your opinions and contributions matters. Look closely at your present relationship, are you happy? Is your spouse the source of joy or pain. Does he or she make you feel better or worse. Make hay while the sun shines. If you eventually ignore this and go into marriage you will regret it. He/she will not change in marriage. What about those who are already in an emotionally abusive marriage, not to worry I will soon talk about that and proffer a way out.
I once found myself in an emotionally abusive environment and I just knew I needed to rise up and save myself. In the office your boss could be belittling you, no matter how hard you work you are just not good enough. At home your parents or superiors maybe because of some unfulfilled expectations from you may just be subjecting you to abuse without your knowing. Whichever case it may be you need help.
Are you emotionally abused? Please rise up and go to where you are loved, wanted, celebrated, needed. Somebody somewhere needs you, somebody somewhere will appreciate you, somebody somewhere will love you. I want to tell you dear that I love you, I need you, the world needs you. Without you I wouldn’t be writing this, if there are no you to read this I won’t be writing this. It’s because of you that am inspired. You are irreplaceable. You are the best.
Tonight is for identification. Identify and rise up.
Be inspired today.
Remain blessed.
I love you.


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