How to break Boundaries

You know in life things are not always straight forward. Nobody expected the price of crude oil to fall so low causing us serious economic problems. So you as an achiever have to make up your mind (determine in your heart) in certain things inorder for you to forge ahead.
To Persevere: Make up your mind to persevere no matter what happens in the future, good or bad.
To Bear Adversity: No one is immuned from suffering and adversity on earth. So make up your mind to bear it when it comes. Be ready for it in your mind whether it comes or not.
To be Pure: In a culture of sexual immorality you have to be really determined in your heart for you to go against the crowd. Be determined to be sexually pure no matter what.
To be Good: If you lose all you have and the only option to regain yourself is stealing. Will you steal? Hmmm Be good always.
Daniel made up his mind not to let himself become spiritually unclean……(Dan 1:8)
Remain blessed
Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday (IMT)


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