Surely It will end in Praise

It Shall End in Praise!
We started this week with praise and thanksgiving now we are going to end it with praise and thanksgiving.
Before you begin any work thank God for the opportunity given to you.
At the end of all your work always say “thank you Lord”. When you are through studying say “thank you Lord”. At the end of each day/week/month say “thank you Lord”.
God is the author and finisher, the beginning and the end. Acknowledge him in the beginning and at the end of everything you do. As you begin a journey and when you reach your destination thank him.
Do you know that the plans of the enemy over you is that you should suffer and die. Thank God for his protection. Thank God for his sustenance. You have not died of hunger or sickness, the Lord has been sustaining you.
My prayer is that all that we do will always end in praise Amen!
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Remain blessed
Saturday Morning Sunshine (SMS)


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