Entrepreneurs are urgently needed.

Entrepreneurs are urgently Needed.


The unemployment rate in africa is very high and the only way to solve

this is for more people to be self employed. Nigeria has over 150

million citizens this means that Nigeria has a large market, enough

consumers to patronise you.


So I want you to start thinking entrepreneurship, start thinking what

can I start not where will I work. Stop thinking which government

agency or enterprise will employ me when I graduate, government job is

limited. Start thinking what can I apply my skills and knowledge in.

Begin now to think of a business of your own.


Note: Business is any legal thing you do to earn money. It's not only

buying and selling of physical goods it also involves rendering of



Do you know that most of the foreign companies you see in Nigeria are

owned by individuals not the government. The likes of Chi, coca cola,

were started by entrepreneurs like you. Think.


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Remain blessed


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