Beware of Wonder Banks!

Beware of Wonder Banks,


Wonder banks are at it again. Promising people huge interest rate

which no sane financial institution can offer. The most trending being

MMM (money making machine) that offers people 30% return on their

investment after a period of 30 days.


The Central Bank of Nigeria has already warned Nigerians to desist

from patronising such establishments saying they have no legal

backings nor are they registered with the financial institution

regulators. Therefore if you lose your money you are on your own.


Investigation has shown that wonder banks have been around since the

seventies and in each time people do not heed to the warnings issued

out only to cry out for help when it crashes. So beware it is not a

new thing in town. It has been there only that it comes and goes

hurting people at the end.


My advice is that you should becareful where you put it your hard earned money!


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Remain blessed


My Money Making Monday (MMMM)


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