Cultism: Good or Bad?

The Ills of Cultism and Why You Should Avoid it.


As a young man growing up one of the things I keep receiving advice

against joining is cult. Cultism is quite popular amongst our youth

especially those living in the ghettos and slums. If you have ever

lived in these areas you will probably understand clearly what I am

saying. I can still recall vividly how it was back then in secondary

school. As prefects we had to pay special attentions to a group of

boys who were displaying cult-like behaviours. Disobeying school rules

and regulations and holding secret meetings both inside and outside

the school. Even though the school was a very disciplined one such

things still wanted to rear its ugly head and I wonder how it is in

government abandoned secondary schools. Schools where indiscipline is

the order of the day and gangs are easily formed. In higher

institutions students are advised against cultism and measures are put

in place to deter them and also to fight it. But then what about

people living in ghettos and slums, in the villages who have nobody to

guide them. This is where it strives most, you see young boys joining

cults. At a time in my place it was the reigning thing. Some time ago

I was walking home and I was accosted by three young boys who should

be in their first year in senior secondary school. The brazenly and

arrogant way they were talking to me, I just knew something was giving

them the morale.


What cultism promises to the gullible youth is heaven on earth but it

ends up making their life hell on earth. It promises security but

puts your life in constant danger.


I urge you as a young, exuberant and energetic young man don't join

this group of people. This is one of the things that destroys the

wonderful destiny of our youths. You are a man of honour and dignity,

cultism takes that away from you. You are a genius, you are an asset

to the nation don't allow cultism make you a liability.


Insecurity: Your life is never secure as a cultist this is because

the people that they are supposed to protect you are after you or are

against you. The police, the army, the vigilante, the society at large

don't like cultist, they are outlaws. Unfortunately this is one of the

deceptive means they use in luring people. They promise to protect you

either in campus or in your street against your enemies but can never.

Don't join them.


Fear, Tension and Suspicion: Always afraid and suspicious of people

and movement. Cultist don't sleep with both eyes closed. They make

more enemies than friends. Whenever they hear that police is in their

area they run away and hide. Is this the type of life you want? Hide

and seek life! They live in fear of police, army, vigilante and rival

cult groups. Say no to cultism and live a free and joyous life.


Acquisition of vices: You acquire vices such as smoking, drinking,

sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, rape, armed robbery and the likes.

This is just their way of enjoying life. Is that type of life you want

to live? Rape is a crime against heaven and cultist are very much

guilty of it. They use it as a revenge against girls who reject them.

Cultism is demonic don't accept their offer.


Injury and Death: Do cultist graduate from the university? Do you

know how many potential graduate that have been murdered on the day of

their final degree exam. Why do cultist kill anyone who is about

graduating? Do you want to die before your time? Can a cultist quit

whenever he wants to? Have you seen a cultist's body before? It is

always full of injuries and scares, machete cuts, bottle cuts, bullet

wounds and the likes. Fighting is their hobby is that also your hobby?

If that is your hobby go and join WWE or boxing. Don't cut your life

short, say no to cultism.


Alliance with the devil: This is the worst of it all. Cultism is

demonic and spiritual don't be deceived it is not ordinary and

physical. They may tell you it is just a fraternity or brotherhood or

group of friends that look out for each other. All “na wash” ashi ashi

lies! The day you join is the day you make an alliance with the devil

to be his agent. You make a covenant with the devil to be his the rest

of your life, working to promote his kingdom. Is that what you want?

Satan is very cunning don't let him deceive you. Accept Christ and be

his evangelizer not you working for his enemy. Say no to cultism!


Fresh in my mind is a man who was killed by rival cult. He was in a

beer parlour celebrating his wife safe delivery only for them to come

and shoot him dead. Do you know how many notorious cultist the Police

especially SARS have shot and killed. I don't want you to hinder your

full manifestation on earth please.


Say no to cultism! Give your life to Christ. You are a man of dignity

and honour not a cultist.


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also share this message with your friends and family. Thanks, love



Remain blessed


Men of Honour and Dignity (MHD)


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