Change Your Mental Attitude and Altitude.

Change your mental attitude and altitude.


Africans will never get out of being labelled “underdeveloped

countries” unless they change the way they think. You cannot compete

with the rest of the world when you have already limited yourself. How

can someone say Europeans are using “juju, jazz, magic” in football

that's why they are ahead of us. With such mental attitude that person

will never go higher, he can never nurture his talent.


Increase your reasoning power by studying more. Improve on your mental

power. Don't be held down by the superstitous belief your ancestors

used in limiting their world. Nowadays people are using smartphones

but have not started thinking like smart people. Start thinking smart.


Innoson motors today are making cars in Nigeria. How is that possible?

Do you know that as a kid I was told that Africans can never

manufacture a car. Why, because the white men after making a car will

invoke the car before it can move. That is they will have to make some

incantations or sacrifice before the god of cars will allow it to

work. Strange beliefs! But I refused to accept it, I rejected

outrightly, refusing to be held down by such mentality.


What strange ideas are you carrying about that is limiting your

impact. We need people that will think like geniuses, people that will

recognise who they are. You are a genius and unless you discover

yourself you will never reach your full potentials.


Today vow to improve on yourself. Vow to improve your mental attitude

and altitude. Resolve to reason higher, you are called homo sapiens

meaning “intelligent man”.


That you are using facebook, whatsapping, googling, taking selfies is

because somebody sat down somewhere and began to use his brain. He

refused to be held down by the superstitous belief that holds his

people. God gave us wonderful brains to work with. God is a very

intelligent being not even that, he is intelligence himself. He made

us in his image and likeness. Can't you see that scientist can't

unravel the mystery behind the earth and the universe as a whole. God

created it and it's beyond our human intelligence. Begin now to use

what he has deposited in you. Your mind, your brain.


Back then in primary school some people were of the belief that the

Europeans came to Africa and took most of our “gods” that is those

artifacts that our fore-fathers worshipped as their god. Then they

used the powers in them to produce all these scientific and

technological gadgets you now use. What a belief! To me those things

were not true. It's just a belief that limits us. So the question is

do we still have those shrines and gods around us now? The answer is

yes. Now why don't their worshippers use it like the white men to

solve our problems now, the problem of hunger. Why can't they use it

to produce a machine that will provide food for the whole country in a

matter of seconds. Is it not killing people and making life miserable

for their fellow men that they use it for. Don't limit yourself. Don't

reduce your status. Don't let your brain waste away.


You are a Genius, be a Genius, think like a Genius.


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Remain blessed


Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday (IMT)


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