Place a value on yourself. Know your self worth.

Know your self worth,

Place a value on Yourself.


It's so painful seeing some women reducing their self worth. Simple

because a man said “I want to marry you” you will pack your things and

move into his house. Acting as the house wife, good wife. The

neighbours will be calling you his wife and you will be answering with

all joy.


Don't allow yourself to be played. “I love you” is not “I have married

you”. Don't trade your body for love, is not worth it.


Don't give out your virginity because of the sweet promises of a

lover. Your are worth more than diamonds.


Place a value on yourself. Don't just give out your heart to anybody

that professes love. Don't give out your body to anybody who is not

your husband. Remember the scripture says your body is the temple of

the Holy Spirit and who ever defiles the temple he shall the Holy

Spirit destroy.


You are a good person that should be treated with respect and honour, copy that


Be inspired today


Remain blessed


Wednesday 4 all Winning Women (WWW)


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