Sex: Don’t Give in to The Pressure.

Sex: Don't give in because of the Pressure.


Sincerely speaking It hurts me whenever I see young teenage mothers. I

know within my spirit that most of them do not know what they were

going into before giving their body to a man. Some are pregnant today

just because a man gave them malt and milk and said sweet nonsenses to

them. What a pity.


So many teenagers are under pressure to have sex. And it's not just

teenagers that are under pressure adults too but for teenagers it's

much difficult because of their immaturity and inexperience. That

period of their life is very delicate and as such they need help and

guidance. I too passed through that stage and I know how it was and so

was everyone else, including you.


Don't give in to sex because of the pressure you feel. I want you to

know that sex is not a play thing. Sex is not a game. Sex is not a way

of having fun in life. Sex is not something you engage in when you

think you are of age. Sex is not something you engage in when you

reach 18 years of age, copy that. 18 years is not sex maturity age,

forget what the media is teaching you. Sex is a union of two body and

soul who are bound by the bond of marriage and through such union they

bring in new beings. Marriage is only way through which people are

granted the certificate of permission to engage in it and no other

thing does so. Even “I love you and you love me” and “we love each

other very much” doesn't give us that certificate, copy that.


Furthermore people were not created just to be engaging in sex. Common

let's stop over emphasizing it. Don't make it the center of your life.

Think outside of it, life is very broad. Sex shouldn't be over hyped.

There is more to life than sex. I believe am speaking to a Christian

who actually believes in what the bible teaches and as such listens to

the what the Spirit says. Saint Paul in many of his epistles warns us

that whoever engages in sexual immorality will not inherit the kingdom

of God. Imagine after all these suffering in Nigeria you die and lose

heaven. And why? because of sex, for what. Say “get behind me satan, i

refuse your sexual advances”! Even if you are not a Christian I don't

know of any religion that encourages sexual immorality. If there is

any tell us, lets go evangelize them.


Pressure from Boyfriend/Girlfriend/fiancee:

The pressure to have sex can actually come from your lover/fiance or

fiancee. This is where prove your love to me talk comes in. Sex is not

supposed to be used as a proof of love. If it where so, do you know

how many people prostitutes have told “I love you” through sex. Please

change your thinking, seperate sex from love so that you can see

clearly. Becareful, Some ladies are still hurting from the trauma of

being raped by their boyfriend/lover. It could happen to you. We are

about to get married is not “we are married”, copy that. Stay away

from whoever that pressurizes you to have sex with him or her. Such a

person does not love you. He may love your body but not your soul.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and whoever that loves you

should never pressure you to defile it. It's spiritual suicide. That

you are no longer a virgin is not an excuse they should use against

you. You have decided to save sex for marriage, period. Speak up for

yourself. This is for both boys and girls, don't think it's only girls

that are pressurized. Boys too can be under pressure and theirs can be

very overwhelming. They may lose their self esteem, feeling less than

a man and may even be seduced into doing it.


Pressure from friends/peers:

Sometimes the pressure is from friends and peers. As the only virgin

among a group of friends you might just feel left out and out of

place. You need not be. Assuming we remove God from the scene,

shouldn't you stand for what you feel comfortable with. I want you to

learn how to be your self. If you don't want to means you don't want

to. Don't conform to the ideas of others. Now adding God back to the

scene, shouldn't you adhere to God's commandment over what your

friends and peers do. Change your cycle of friends if you feel

pressurized. That's why it's very important to have friends who are of

the same moral standing with you. It will spare you this type of

pressure to conform. Please don't conform.


Pressure from the society/media:

Do boys marry virgins? Somebody said he will not marry a virgin rather

he wants someone who is well experienced in sex. Are you as a virgin

not under pressure to belong? You needn't be. Doesn't the media and

both the music and movie industry promote sex. Sometimes you have to

stand out of the crowd. You have to move against the wind.


Stand up for yourself, say no to the pressure to conform. Say no to

sex before marriage. You can do it.


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Remain blessed


From Me To You


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