See the Good in People.

Always Seek to see the Good in Others.


It's always very easy for us to dismiss someone simply because of one

bad thing he or she did in the past or is still doing. How is that the

Jews couldn't see the good in Zacchaeus & Mary Magdalene but Christ

saw it and sought for them.


If you are stopped on the way by a policeman do you just assume that

all he wants is bribe.


There is someone you know who may have done something bad in the past

maybe only known to you. Can you look at that person and see beyond

that mistake. Can you look at a prostitute and see beyond her wayward

life and recognise her as a child of God.


Each one of us has a trait of goodness in him. This is what Christ

sees and goes out to seek the sinners. Today resolve to hold everyone

in good light. If we bring out your sins and use it to define you,

will you like it?


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with your friends & family.Thanks, love you.


Remain blessed


Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SSS).


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