You as a Woman can Dream Big.

You as a Woman can also Dream Big.


Do you believe that Women's Education Ends in the Kitchen (WEEK)? Do

women actually belong to the kitchen, the sitting room and the other

room and nothing more? Your answers to these questions will depend on

your perception of women. What are women to you? And you as a woman

what are you to the society?


I want to encourage you dear young woman to dream big. Aim high,

aspire to be great. Have visions too, be focused in life. You have God

given gifts that God wants you to use and contribute to the welfare of

the society. If you are a student, be serious with your studies and

aim to be somebody in life. I hate it when I see young women who are

unserious with their studies but are rather occupied with relationship

issues, changing boyfriends every now and then.


Be Inspired today dear Winning Woman to dream big.


Pls Like my page & share this with your

friends. Thanks love you.


Remain blessed


Wednesday 4 all Winning Women (WWW)


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