Stick to your vision.

Do you want to be rich by all means?


Strive Masiyiwa the owner of Econet was told by one of his fans that

he doesn't care about having visions and working towards it that all

he wants is to be rich. His reply really touched me.



“When this is your vision, and mission, the problem is, if the

opportunity to be rich comes through theft and corruption, you will

take it. If it comes through destruction of your environment or

endangered animals, you will take it. Ultimately, if it comes through

peddling drugs and narcotics, you will take it.

At least he has been honest, and we all know someone who thinks like

this, and some of them hold high offices of state, somewhere in the


In some Asian countries, every year they execute many young people

(some of them Africans), who thought they could make money by bringing

hard drugs…this is what happens when you say to yourself “I don't

care really, I just want to be rich.”


And you what is your vision?


Remain blessed


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