Beautiful Lady You are. Develop a healthy Self Image.

Dear beautiful Lady, Develop a Positive Self-image (part A).

There are people most especially women that suffer from a poor

self-image especially negative body image because of the way they

perceive their body to be. In this age of slim fit and figure eight

obsession some are questioning God why he created them the way they

are. As a result of poor self-image so many ladies that gone to extra

mile to acquire what they feel is the ideal beautiful lady. Indecent

exposure of sensitive body parts and also plastic surgery for beauty

enhancement are all linked to poor self-image.


Dear beautiful lady do you see yourself as too short, too fat, too

tall, too dark, having small breasts, too dull, you know you are just

not the ideal beauty queen you fancy. Check your self, you might be

having a negative self-image.


Self-image refers to the idea one has of one's abilities, appearance,

and personality. Self image is how you see yourself. This may be how

you see yourself physically or your opinion of who and what you are.


There this movie I watched that I want to share with you. It's an

American movie forgive me for I do not know the name, I just watched a

part of it and that part really touched me.


The heroine of the movie went to a dry cleaner, while she was there a

man came in with his jacket that he wanted them to wash. The man

dropped his jacket with the owner and kept staring at her without

saying anything. After some time he said to her “you are attractive”

and left smiling. The lady was dumbfounded. She was shocked and at the

same time surprised. She just stood there looking lost. When she

recovered the man has gone. She then in disbelief asked the owner

“did he just say am attractive”.

The owner replied

“I do not know”.

She enquired if he knew the man or where he went to and he told her

no. This lady quickly ran out of the shop to look for the man that

told her she was attractive. But he was gone.

I know You might be wondering why the lady is behaving that way. This

lady is a divorcee, having seperated from her husband and with three

kids she felt she wasn't attractive anymore. So it was a big deal for

her that somebody told her she was attractive. Even her children

noticed the joy in her life simply because someone told her she is

attractive. The lady went and told her friends about the man who told

her she was attractive and they all went out looking for the man who

told her she was attractive. They browsed and searched for the mystery

man all to no avail.


This is what negative self image can do to someone. But this lady in

question is actually very beautiful and attractive. But her perception

of her self limited her. Now my dear attractive lady what is the

perception you have about yourself. What is the mental picture that

you have about yourself.


Are you a beautiful and attractive lady. Are you a good person.

Are you smart.

Are you in love with yourself.

Are you in love with your body.

Are you intelligent.


Self image includes:

*.What you think you look like

*.How you see your personality

*.What kind of person you think you are

*.What you believe others think of you

*.How much you like yourself or you think others like you

*.The status you feel you have


Before I go today I want to tell You that “You are Attractive”.

to be continued.

Remain blessed


Winning Women on Wednesday (WWW)


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