Success tips: How to Save Money.

Please Save Money.


The advantage of having a Savings cannot be overemphasized. Banks have

an account called savings account to encourage people to save money.

If you don't have a savings account today go and open one now.


There are many ways to save money but it requires Discipline and

Determination to do so. You can decide to go traditional or modern.


Traditional means includes having a safe where you keep the money or

giving it to a trusted friend or relative. This also requires a saving

plan. What I mean by this is that you should know how much you will be

dropping into your safe at a time and at when, weekly, monthly?


Modern refers to using modern means of saving money such as banks. You

need to open two different accounts with different banks. Label one as

your savings account. The other for the day to day running of your



On your savings account don't have an Atm card. Deposit a set

percentage of your income at a time.

To be cont.


Remain blessed


My Money Making Monday(MMMM)



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