Imitation is Limitation but Copy from others,

Copy from others.


Yes, but is imitation not limitation. Imitation is limitation but

copying other peoples good traits and behaviours is wisdom. You lose

your own identity when you imitate others, you refuse to be your own

unique person living the life of others.


When you copy from others you improve. When you see a good thing

someone does you copy it. You have a friend whose watchword is

punctuality but you are always late. What do you do? You copy that

positive behaviour. You learn from him and you will see great

improvement in your life.


Even writers copy other writers work and through it their writing

flows. Am not talking of plagiarism, stealing peoples work, I mean

acknowledging peoples work. Human beings as social beings copy from

others. A child learns how to live in the society by looking at the

olders ones and copying their behaviours, their speech.


Now when you go out today if you see any beautiful thing someone does, copy it.


Remain blessed


Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday (IMT)



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