The Death that brought Life to us.

The Death that brought Life.


The death of Christ Jesus on the cross brought life to all. Some are

dead through sin but Christ Jesus brought cleansing and forgiveness

and gave them life again. Some are dead emotionaly, they have given up

having faced so many challenges in life. They are merely existing not

living. Christ Jesus came and brought them back to life. Their life

changed, life once again after a long time became beautiful.


If you are going through a very difficult situation don't lose hope.

It doesn't matter the type or name of sickness you are facing now,

Christ Jesus will bring your health back to life. No matter the degree

of your suffering, or of your pain or How long it has lasted. Christ

Jesus will bring joy back into your life.


Your help will come from heaven. Don't lose faith in him, place your

hope in the Lord. God will do for you the same good thing he is doing

in the life of others.


Always remember Good Friday and stand strong.


Remain blessed


ThankGod its Friday (TGIF)


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