Our sins crucified him.

Our sins crucified him.


It wasn't the Jews that crucified him because they did not know what

they were doing. It was our sins that crucified him. All those times

we told lies, we cheated people, we stole, we fornicated we were the

ones that crucified him.


For all the times we disobey God's commandment we take side with the

devil and make a mockery of what He did for us on Good Friday. He died

that we may live. He did what he needed to do in order to give us a

better life. Death and suffering came through the workings of satan,

this is why we shouldn't side with our enemy.


The year is gradually coming to an end, Christmas is just a few days

away. This is always a very tempting period for Christians. The

temptation to celebrate it in a grand style even when you don't have

the means will come don't give in. Whatever you have make do with

that, God is the only one who can make a poor man suddenly and

instantly rich.


Remember our sins crucified him.


Remain blessed


ThankGod it's Friday (TGIF)



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