Burn the midnight oil!

High achievers burn the midnight oil.


How many times have you spent extra hours into the night just to

accomplish a task. As a student I know how it is during exam period,

students spend their nights in the classroom studying. Pushing

themselves to their limit.


This is a new and fresh year with fresh potentials. Decide to start

this year on a positive note. Make up your mind to spend extra hours

studying if you are a student. Extra hours working to push your

business to a greater height as an entrepreneur. I want you to tag

this year the year of extra efforts, the year of extra hours, the year

of midnight candles. Don't forget that the difference between

extraordinary and ordinary is the 'extra'. High achiever are referred

to as those who are awake when others are sleeping. They never wasted

their time during the day, they just decided to use part of the night

to do something extra.


Are you ready now to add the extra efforts and hours?




Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday (IMT).


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