Conquer that Fear Now!

Conquering the Fear that Limits You!

Fear is an enemy of progress, it stops people from enjoying the life

God has given them. It limits us from fully maximizing whatever

resources God has given us.

Now is the time to conquer that fear that has held you captive for so

long a time now. You need to start enjoying your life and making the

most of the life God has given you.



Some people are afraid of travelling to a far place because of the car

accident they had in the past. Some are afraid of taking the next step

in life because they failed the last time they tried. Past failures in

life have stopped you from exploring new frontiers. Some are afraid of

life itself because of some ugly incidents in their life, the loss of

their spouse, parents, children have conditioned them to an

unexplainable fear of life. You are afraid you might be killed the

same way your spouse, parents, children were killled. No, you can't

continue to live this way.

Are you among those who are afraid of their village because of the

activities of wicked agents of satan there? You can't continue to live

in that mental state. What is it that once happened in the past or

that is happening now that has created this fear of the unknown in

you? Time to conquer it.


Some are afraid of what people might say. These people are under the

shadow of people's opinions. If you are battlling with this it's time

to be free. Your faith is suffering because of what people might say.

You have retreated from fully participating in spiritual activities

because you don't want people to label you as too churcheous,

religious, “holy nweje” and thus your spiritual gifts waste away. The

joyous relationship you are suppose to enjoy with God is not there

because of the fear you allowed to rule you. Time to deepen your

Christian life and get more radical about it. God doesn't need

Christians who are playing it safe. Whether you are in school, in your

work place, in your shop, in your yard now is the time to shake off

that fear of what people might say and move to greater heights.

On your dreams and aspirations, you are about aborting your mission

simply because you don't want people to label you a dreamer. You are

about throwing away the dreams that will change lives. Now is the time

to rise and choke that voice of “what others might say” and keep on

working towards achieving your dreams.


Could it be that because of where you are now you are not ready to

move on lest you don't succeed. You don't like your present job yet

you are afraid to move.

You now doubt your capacity or abilities because of where you have

found yourself today. There is this discrimination or disparity

between university graduates and polytechnic graduates and because you

are in poly you now doubt your capacity. There is fear within you that

there wouldn't be much consideration for you in the job market. Know

it that whoever fails to see the potentials in you has himself to

blame. It doesn't matter whether you went to a community secondary

school what matters is how you develop yourself, how you build the you

in you.

Don't look at your present state & say no I can't do much. You can and

you will. Fear not! Don't be afraid of the future which is still in

the future.


Identify your fear.

Before you can even think of conquering it you have to know it. My

fears and your fears are not the same. Identify and label your fear

and if you know the cause state it also. For example if you are afraid

of failure say I am afraid of failure because I failed in the past. If

you are afraid of success say I am afraid of success because I don't

think am ready to handle it's responsiblities. If you are not sure of

it's cause no problem but make sure you call your fear, fear!

Know it's location

Fear is nothing but an illusion. It's not real it only sits in your

brain, your mind. Know that fear doesn't exist anywhere except within

you. It is an evil seed planted by satan.

Talk to your fear.

Address your fear, tell it what it should do. Command it to go.

Visualize yourself going on a journey and fear is dragging you back

simply turn back and kick it and say to it get out of my life. “Get

away from me fear”. “Fear of witchcraft get away from me” and mean it.

Pray against the spirit of fear.

Prayer is the master key. Pray against the particular fear you are

dealing with. Ask God to deliver you from it. Don't stop keep praying

until you are totally free from fear.

Kill it with God's word.

The word of God is a weapon for destroying satanic strongholds. God's

word in the scripture are for you to read and meditate upon it. God

says fear not so fear not.

You are the best.

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Remain blessed

mcn loves you

Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday(IMT)


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