Isn’t the world very beautiful.
Look at the birds of the air, see how beautiful they are. How colorful are their feathers,
How amazing is their lifestyle, the harmony and love they portray,

Look at the heavenly satelites the moon and the stars. See how they beautify the earth, making it a lovely scene in the night.

Look at the trees, see how their green color breathes life into earth. Green means life,
Look they are everywhere, growing at any little space they find. Green plants, makes the earth a green planet.
Have you ever been to a forest, it’s so amazing out there.
I love nature, it’s where you see life without pain and destruction.

I love the sky,
See the changing colors,
Have you ever seen a blue sky, it’s an amazing cover for our amazing planet, The changing color of the sky shows the changing nature of our lives.

Look at the wild animals, they live an organized life out there in the jungle. Do you have a pet, aren’t they wonderful companions?

Oh what a lovely planet!


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