Sometimes in life you may have to wait. Yes wait, even if you need it so badly. Life just doesn’t give it to you at that moment. Sometimes you may have to Wait for a bus at the bus stop no matter how late you already are.

Do you still remember that after your exams you will have to wait for the results, how do you feel when you remember that you forget the answer to a question you know so well.

I want you to know that Waiting is part of living.

Today is Holy Saturday and by this time 2000years ago the apostles of Jesus where actually waiting to know their fate. Their leader has been killed what becomes of them now.

They waited,
You also should wait. Reflect on the significance of today in your life. Sometimes you may have to wait.

Wait for the Lord at his appointed time he will rise. His resurrection signifies victory over your ugly circumstances, your enemies, problems.


Yours truly

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