After a sorrowful night, Joy comes in the morning to wipe out the memories of the night. But yesterday night was not a sorrowful night it was a joyful night! It was Easter Sunday Night and today is Easter Monday Morning.

Today is the like the morning after your wedding day. How did you feel waking up the next morning a married man or woman. You were once single but today you are now a Mrs somebody. Waking up the next morning and beholding the lovely face of your heartthrob. The one you have always imagined how your life will be once you start living together as husband and wife wouldn’t you die of happiness.

Today is like the day after your graduation. You were once a student but now you are a graduate. All your labours in school were never in vain you finally got that certificate. What can describe your joy, it can not be quantified.

This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. (PSALM 118:24)
Today is the morning after Easter Sunday, a day of joy. Before today the devil was in charge but from now onwards Jesus has taken over. Before now we were not saved but today salvation has come to us. Thank you Jesus.

This is what Easter seeks to remind you that joy is your portion. I want you to rejoice and be glad.

If there is anything worrying you or disturbing you, that which is taking away your joy please let it go. Remember what happened yesterday, Jesus rose from the dead and destroyed all our pains, sorrows and sadness.

Now rejoice for Christ has taken your case, a favourable result is coming, Remain blessed.

I love you,
Yours truly,


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