I don’t remember how we met,
But I have known you for so long a time,

I have been warned many times,
Beware of your friends,
Trust not your friend,
Have no bestfriends,
Tell no one your secrets,
Do not Love too much,

But all have I ignored,
I have loved you so much,
You know all my deepest darkest secrets,
I have trusted you,
Will you one day betray?

If you one day betray me,
Will I lose heart,
Will I die of heartbreak
Will I stop believing in Love and friendship.

But how do you know me so much,
Even when people don’t understand me,
You understand me,

You have never judged me,
You accept me for who I am
Even when I lose heart,
You speak strength back into me,

You lend your ears to my pains,
You are never tired of hearing my complaints,
You cry with me when am sad

You take my joy to be yours,
Thats why we always
Cry together,
And celebrate together,

Thank you my friend
I love you


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